Web development is a kind of field that is always evolving. If we take a look, web development is the field that made an impact on all other industries. Nowadays, it is one of the most popular industries in the world and looks like it’s not going away soon, especially in the current situation of the global pandemic. As we know, this situation will last for a while. Because of this, almost all processes are turning digital and automated rapidly.

What is Web Development?

Web development is the process of designing, implementing, and maintaining websites. It’s the work that goes on behind the scenes to make a website appear attractive, functional, responsive, and provide a consistent user experience.

Who is a Web Developer?

Web Developers are the people are responsible for the above tasks. Web developers use a range of coding languages and frameworks to develop software. The languages and frameworks are determined by the type of the software, tasks they’re performing, type of the users, and the platforms they’re using.

Web development talents are in high demand making now and in the future and it is an excellent career choice that is always challenging. It is one of the most easily accessible, and well-paying fields yet have high competition.

Front-end development, web content development, client-side and server-side scripting, network security settings, Back-end Development, User Interfaces, and User Experience (UI & UX) are all part of the web development process. Web development, in a wide sense, refers to all the actions, updates, processes, and operations required to create, maintain, and administer a website in order to assure its optimal functionality, user experience, and speed.

These are the most demanding Web Development skills, these days.

1.   JavaScript is at the top as the most demanding language

After a long time of its invention, JavaScript has remained steady in its popularity, at the top. This versatile language continues to be highly desired as same among recruiters and companies alike, and experienced JavaScript developers can expect a great salary.

For the third year running, JavaScript topped the list as the most popular IT skill that website development companies are looking for in their developer candidates.

Despite the fact that other languages have started to catch up—in particular Java—it doesn’t look like JavaScript’s popularity is about to fade away. The language is still the default choice for new solutions in many organizations and companies. It also has strong community support, with lots of learning materials and opportunities to polish one’s IT skills on the web and also in academic studies. For those primarily concerned with the long-term prospects of their career, JavaScript still remains a wise choice.

2.  Java is regaining its popularity now

Java used to be a highly popular language a few years ago, but its popularity in the charts seems to be lost recently. 2021 reversed that trend, thankfully, it’s set to continue. Many recruiters and employers are now looking for experienced Java developers for web development. Java is enjoying its huge popularity in corporate environments these days.

Previously, people saw Java as a language that mostly retained its relevance due to the need for supporting legacy systems (most of the legacy systems are java-based systems), but new solutions have been arriving on the market recently. The language has received some exciting additions to look out for in 2022 lately, with the latest LTS release of Java, Java 17, not among them. At the same time, we can see some changes in its ecosystem, like the ability to run applications in a standalone format, which does not require any standard Java libraries or a Java Virtual Machine.

3.  Analyzing skills becoming something must have

Big data is everywhere; in fact, you’ll struggle to find a sector or organization that isn’t driven by big data to some extent. Data Science is a subject that gained popularity in the industry recently along with machine learning. Some people in the past thought that understanding data analysis was a bonus addition to someone’s core IT skills. It’s fast becoming a fundamental requirement in some fields, rather analyzing skills are the base of everything. The popularity of machine learning has been a major driving force, with algorithms playing a major role in how companies build, market, and improve their products and services.

Other than this, it’s important to recognize that data analytics is a career path on its own. Therefore, as a web developer, you don’t necessarily need to be well-versed in the underlying mathematical concepts; but you should be able to use certain data analytics tools and frameworks. The level of data analytics knowledge required depends on the field you’re choosing. But, as data becomes increasingly important in all sectors and all types of business, be prepared for this topic to come up in interviews more often than past.

4.  Code tests becoming more challenging than ever

Coding tests are fast becoming the go-to screening method for web developer candidates in interviews. This sentiment is reflected by coders taking longer to prepare for coding challenges, interview questions and taking both of them more seriously.

Recruiters are now including more challenging programming tasks and tests in response to this trend in candidate behavior. As a result, the expectations towards candidates taking coding tests and programming tasks are now higher than ever before.

5.  Nowadays, companies are more open to remote work rather than in-plant work

Work-from-home arrangements have gained high popularity due to the pandemic. Many companies have realized that remote work could continue on a permanent basis without impacting productivity, and it’s better compared to in-plant work. This flexibility has allowed companies to broaden their talent pool and this trend makes most of the companies multinational, which was limited to one country before the pandemic. The market has been going through a major transformation, which has exaggerated the presence of certain countries on the global job market hierarchy. Remote workers receive the same salary as their in-office counterparts.

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